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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Icekap work?

Cold temperatures have been used for centuries to soothe headache, inflammation, and general pain. Blood vessels constrict when they’re exposed to cold, which can help reduce the transmission of pain signals. Keep your Cool Cap in the freezer (in a f

How is Icekap different from other cold compression caps?

We designed the Cool Cap to deliver cold therapy that’s:.

What is cold therapy?

Cold therapy is the practice of exposing the body to very cold temperatures to activate the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself. Cold has been used for centuries to soothe headaches, inflammation, and pain. Blood vessels constrict when they’r

How often can I use Icekap?

Lots of our customers report using Icekap daily, and often multiple times a day. Try starting with a 30 minute session to see how your body responds to it, and then increase the time as you become more comfortable with the therapy.

What makes a gel pack "medical grade?"

Medical-grade gel packs are manufactured to the highest standards, and are designed to stay cold for much longer than a conventional ice pack — remaining below room temperature for 2-3 hours, on average, compared to less than 30 minutes for consumer-

Can I use Icekap for warmth therapy?

You certainly can! Some people find relief from applying warm compresses to their head, and you can do that with your Cool Cap. Just take the gel packs out of the cap and microwave them in 10-second increments, or submerge them in warm water. But be

Can I use Icekap for a head injury?

You should definitely consult with your doctor first if you believe you have a head injury. But head cooling has been shown in studies to reduce inflammation and support recovery*, so Icekap is definitely something that could help. *Harris B, Andrews

Can I use Icekap for a hangover?

Well, not that we’ve ever, EVER tried this ourselves, but our sister’s friend’s uncle’s cousin once tried it and said that it works really well. 😀.

Can you remove the gel packs?

Yes! Each gel pack can be removed whenever you need to like when you need to machine-wash your Cool Cap, or when you want to use the ice-cold packs separately to provide targeted relief. If you’re using your Icekap Cool Cap a lot, you might want to i

What if I don't like it or it doesn't fit?

We offer a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your Cool Cap for any reason, email us at [email protected] and we’ll arrange a refund or exchange.

How long does Icekap need to be in the freezer for?

If you start from room temperature, your packs should be cool enough to use after about 4 hours in the freezer. But because they’re medical-grade packs, they’ll continue to get colder for up to 24 hours — at which point they’ll be colder and last lon

What parts of the head does Icekap target?

Your Cool Cap has 5 pockets for gel packs: 1 across the forehead, 2 on the temples, 1 across the back of the neck, 1 on the top frontal region of your head. We designed it this way because these are the most common regions that headache sufferers exp

Migraine Diary/Tracker

Here is a simple tool that can help you track and hopefully start to understand what your triggers might be as well. Feel free to download and print this or use it as inspiration for your own tracking method.

Using a Cool Cap for Chemotherapy Treatment

While the original design of our product wasn't specifically for chemotherapy use, we're delighted to hear that it's been beneficial for many of our customers in your situation. Here are some tips and suggestions based on feedback from customers who

How do I use the Icekap Cool Cap for Sinus Relief?

Wear it in Reverse for Sinus Relief: The Icekap Cool Cap can be worn backwards, which means you can wear it in a way that targets your sinus areas more directly. Adjust the cap so that the cold packs sit over your sinus areas – typically the forehead

Can I use the Icekap Cool Cap with both warm and cold gel packs at the same time?

Yes, you can use the Icekap Cool Cap with both warm and cold gel packs at the same time, depending on your specific needs and comfort. This flexibility allows for targeted relief in different areas of the head and neck simultaneously. Here's how you